What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records also known as “The Book Life” houses past lives, present lives, and future lives.  The Akashic Records were not open to humanity until now.  A past life vow, soul contract, soul tie, past life trauma, and other complications can impede us from fulfilling our soul’s purpose! 

An Akashic Records session can help with those circumstances and more!

What does the Akashic Records help heal?  It is not only past lives but a blueprint on an individual’s soul purpose. 

Some issues include but are not limited to:

Money issues…are you feeling financially blocked? 

Love issues…are you feeling the love of your life is out of reach? 

Do you have a current love relationship that needs to be cleared?  

Are you just feeling blocked in general?

Property issues...are you looking at a property you want to purchase, lease or rent? 

The Akashic record keepers can help with you making those decisions. 

Pet issues…is your pet(s) acting strange? 

Do you have a soul connection with your pet(s)? 

What do they want to tell you?

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